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It has been a long time since you heard from ScaleUpDelta, and with reason. With this newsletter we want to look back, but also inform you about what we have done and where we are heading.

ScaleUpDelta was set up to bring together founders of companies that are beyond seed phase and scaling towards a series-A investment. Several meetups have been held succesfully, with the highlight being the Masterclass and Innovation Mission to Dubai.

For who did miss the details: it was a mission headed by Rotterdam Mayor Aboutaleb, suppoprted by Rotterdam Partners and Dubai Chamber and exclusively scaleup companies as delegates. Already on the first day contracts were signed and connections were made, eventually resulting in more than 100M Euro on deals closed.

Following the Dubai mission, it became clear that big government organisations would take over the concept of peer meetings and the startup ecosystem began setting their sights towards the Scaleup companies.

NLGroeit has taken over the peer group meetings, scaled it to major events with 100+ visitors and was able to reach much more companies than our nonprofit, nonfunded organisation would ever be able to.

So it was time to start thinking about the next step, formerly known as Scaleup Support: help individual companies scale by connecting them to experienced entrepreneurs in one-on-one projects.

Introducing Masters of Scale

Initially we started with a group of 6 experienced entrepreneurs, and identified several companies who were looking to speed up their growth. This was a period of trial and error, iterating towards a repeatable business model, just like any other startup.

Today, Masters of Scale is a growing group of currently 22 entrepreneurs and business specialists from around the globe.

Masters of Scale is not an investment fund or program-based accelerator (yet…). It offers a customized approach to help you scale using Masters specifically chosen to fit your needs.

A company that would be ready to scale needs to have:a truely scalable product (or service)a validated business model and product-market fitclear challenges to solve the ambition to exponentially growan international mindset

For example, we can support you with the following:

– Fundraising (access to investors, materials for investors, pitching, etc.)
– Branding and go-to-market strategy
– Organizational structure and management
– Product and business development

At the completion of our work, your company will:
– Have identified and overcome core challenges and barriers
– Be well-positioned to accelerate and manage your exponential growth
– Achieved or be on a path to the next funding round at an increased valuation and less diluted founding team.

To be clear, this is not a masterclass but a one-on-one mentoring project where Masters commit to be available for e.g. one day a week, open up their network and can be hands-on when needed.

“When a scale-up fails, it’s generally because of a lack of expertise on how to systematically scale up. ~ Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital”


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Due to the Covid-19 situation, all our meetings will be held online using Zoom. Although this is second best to live meetings, it will enable you to join a roundtable or infosession from where ever you are located and connect with our international Masters.

Please let us know suggestions, questions or introductions. We have met with many of our newsletter subscribers and are always interested to hear how you are doing.

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